Self help deals mostly with the concept of self-development. Development of the self occurs in various stages and incorporates many facets that need to be explored. Self-help can be understood as the furthering of development of the self through self-realisation, self-actualisation and exploring of the self. We as humans have the ability to change aspects of ourselves that we may be unhappy with. The ability to change these aspects of ourselves and incorporate characteristics will ultimately empower us and the way we think of ourselves. Self help is more of a psychological endeavour than anything else and thus may take time to identify what we need help with and how to begin the process of the developing ourselves. Many times, self-help can be gotten from books which specialise on the topic or from certified therapists who are able to guide you through the process.

If you have decided to embark on the journey of self-development, it is important to remember some key fundamental aspects that you will need to consider from the very beginning: for one, you need to become your own self-evaluator of sorts, so exactly what is it you wish to develop or change about yourself? Secondly, are you able to maintain an objective stance towards your own development? Are you able to survey your changes that are going to be conducive to your ultimate growth?

The ability to honestly evaluate who you are and the changes you wish to make is already a huge step in the self-development process. The ability to challenge yourself is the aim of self-help and in this way, change the aspects of yourself which will make you feel better as a person. In order to begin the self-help process, you need to critically analyse facets of your life that you feel may need changing.

Look at the following list of aspects and ask yourself if this is where the change needs to be made:

Morals and Values
Stress, anxiety and fears
Dependency on persons or substances
Anger and rage
Understanding of ourselves and loved ones
Depression, happiness or ideas of the self

This is just to list a few of the concepts that you will need to look at in order to ascertain exactly where you think you need help. Once you have noted the things you would like to work on, you need to create a list of priorities and begin to slowly work towards facing and dealing with the challenges at hand. Remember, this process may result in you feeling more vulnerable or insecure than when you first started, but admitting the changes that need to me made is the first step to self-realisation.

Self-realisation occurs when we are able to gain insight into ourselves, the ability to do so will depend entirely on your willingness to work hard at self-development and whether or not you are strong enough to thoroughly unpack the good as well as the bad aspects of yourself. Once you have laid it out in front of you to examine, you can properly begin to work out and sift through what is both quite unnecessarily and undeniably important. Remember that this process can be both painful and most enlightening and exhilarating at the same time!

Once you have begun the self-help process, you will realise that you are a beautiful individual just waiting to be realised by not only others, but yourself and this realisation process begins with you having a strong and hard look in the mirror. Self-help equals self-love.

Don’t Worry Be Happy If you Aren’t Happy Then What Are You?

Live life to the fullest, spread your arms and breathe, don’t be afraid of change, the world is for you to have not the other way around. Use the power of your mind to free yourself from the shackles of negativity.

Life is to short to be unhappy stop wasting time on negative impulse.Take negativity and use it as fuel for positive thought.

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