Self help books assist individuals in improving their financial, health, relationship, and other aspects of life, with a major emphasis on spiritual and mind-training foundations.

The self-help book genre is created with the purpose to instruct it’s readers on numerous activities and techniques to improve or eliminate personal challenges and self inflicted problems. Most of these books are written by individuals who have overcome their own personal challenges and weaknesses in life. These authors share tips and resources, that when used by the reader, can create a new level of success and enjoyment.

Self Improvement is the category that almost all book stores and internet retailers use to distinguish self help material. (Self improvement is a actually modernized word for self help.) Self help books can range from current psychology practices to training mental and personal behavior, and show how to create beneficial habits that can be influenced and controlled with effort.

Self help books are usually promoted as being a resource to improve self-awareness and personal satisfaction, including self acceptance of the present moment. The authors often mention that they can help you accomplish this more quickly than with conventional methods.

Dale Carnegie (1888-1955) is greatly honored as one of the original self help book authors and for creating the self help movement which began during the early twentieth century. His first book, How to Win Friends and Influence People, encouraged people to become or reach their full potential.

After losing money in many early business ventures, Carnegie became interested in those who are successful and why their success was always correlated with self confidence. He studied the subject for decades, and produced many books sharing his findings. He studied the subject for years. Dale Carnegie’s work has generated over 50 million self help book copies worldwide.

Another self help author, Napoleon Hill wrote the popular book, Think and Grow Rich (1937). Hill discusses the importance of positive thinking and its direct link to creating wealth, happiness, and joy. He states that the secret to accomplishing great tasks and goals is to tap in to the “Infinite Intelligence”, who according to Hill, gives freely to all.

With the start of the twenty first century, self-help books are a common place within all bookstores. The authors of these books are now frequent speakers on major television networks such as PBS, CNBC, Oprah, The Discovery Channel, and more.

Presently, the most popular and best selling of all self help books is The Secret, by Rhonda Bryne. Her book reveals a new light into the minds of the greatest leaders in history. Bryne documents that Albert Einstein, Thomas Edison, Abraham Lincoln, and many more used certain teachings and mindsets to accomplish their great work, which has benefited many generations.

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