You may be wondering why keep a personal development journal. After all, you may or may not have a diary that you keep. However, there are many benefits to keeping a personal development journal, as I have found.

Several ways exist to keep a record of things. From pen and paper, we find elaborate means of recording certain information. For many, this is in the form of a diary. I have to say; personally I haven’t found much success in keeping a daily diary.

Another point we can make, is that the diary acts as a way to record – daily life, emotions, thoughts, etc, and is personal. Some people keep a business diary.

Right now, you likely can see that your focus can be put in many places. You could have a diary for about anything, but there exists one, where gold can be stored, and it doesn’t have to be in the form of coins and notes or large bank balances, but in the form of wisdom.

A look into personal development, the name suggests is about development or growth. So, you buy a book on personal development. You read it, and that’s it. How do you apply? How do you know where you started?

Here is where a personal development journal can be the best book you write into. I could not tell you the importance until recently. Couple of years ago, I started writing a lot of information I learned, and kept notes.

Now, I can’t say that I wrote in that personal development journal daily, however, I still have several personal development journals – full of personal development information, and also as a lot of my own findings, and how I was at those times.

This is important information, and looking back, I can easily tell that those pages contain pure gold. Often we can look for the gold that comes in the form of a check, but we often neglect the importance of wisdom that a journal, such as a personal development journal can give you.

This information can be looked back on. Let’s consider for a moment – going to a personal development seminar. Now, you go, and the speakers give great info. They may even give you some pre-made booklets, which allow you to write things into.

These booklets however, don’t give you the full freedom that a journal can give you. You could flick through – find your goals. You could go through to the pages dealing with similar seminars, and closely look at what you wrote there.

All this information in your personal development journal is priceless, and will make a lot of difference, over the years. You will want to make sure that this journal is compact, yet portable. There is a lot of ways to find personal development journals.

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