Personal Development – Why is life so hard to live? – Motivational Speech

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Life is easy, right? No? Okay, life is hard, okay which one is true? Easy or hard? Easy or hard? Well, movies often show that life is quite easy and they show us all the goody-goody side of life and we tend to believe it. But is life a movie? No it isn’t. So this means that life isn’t easy too. Life is very hard and very unfair. But you know there is only one way to face this in our life head on and that is by doing a reality check. Yes that’s what I’m gonna do with you today. I’m gonna do a reality check with you. This means I’m gonna tell you 8 hard truths about life that will actually make you a much stronger person and will open your eyes to a brighter future. So switch off the TV and watch this complete session with me on Skillopedia, the place to learn skills for the real world and this is Michelle, see you there.
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