The best way to boost your personal development is by using a personal development plan. This will help you to keep on track with your personal growth and will act as a road map to make sure that you are on your way to reaching your goal.

Start your personal development plan with a goal – something that you’re aiming to achieve in life.

It’s best to work on one goal at a time. You’ll be more focused and will be amazed at how much faster you reach the goal than if you split your focus over lots of different ideas. Imagine what it would feel like if you managed to achieve one goal every month or two, rather than being disheartened at not achieving any of the countless goals that appear monotonously, year after year, on your resolutions list.

That’s the difference that using a personal development plan like the free one at can make.

Once you’ve decided on a goal for your personal development plan, the next step is to make sure that it comes to fruition.

It helps to write out your goal in lots of detail, as though you’ve already achieved it. Write down what you’ll feel like, what you’ll see, what you’ll hear.

If you don’t like writing then create a vision board instead – get a large sheet of paper, pin it up somewhere you’ll see it regularly, and paste photos and other images relating to your goal on it.

Either way, put your goal onto your computer screen saver so that you see it regularly.

And make sure that you do something that’s on your personal development plan each and every day. It doesn’t have to be a big “thing” but it does have to be something!

That way, you’re making progress towards your goal and your subconscious mind will start to come round to the idea that you’re serious about this item on your personal development plan. When your subconscious gets on board with the idea like this, things start to happen fast!

Update your personal development plan daily with what you intended to do each day as well as what you actually did.

You can use the free personal development plan at to help you do this.
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