“Law of Attraction”, as an idea, was put forward by the philosophers of the New Thought. These philosophers were of the opinion that individuals have the ability to bring into their lives, things that they really want. If a person thinks about something a lot, they can try and get that thing into his or her life. But if we think about negative things or unwanted objects a bit too much, then chances are that even those will end up entering our lives.

Many critics and scientists do not believe in the Law of Attraction simply because this law, unlike other laws, cannot be proved scientifically. It cannot be put to test in a laboratory like the laws in physical sciences, or be tested statistically like the laws in the social sciences. Thus, they say that it should not be called a “law”. However, there are a lot of people who believe in this law, simply because it affects the psyche, the mind; something that cannot be tested using the mundane, scientific processes.

The law of attraction has been here for a long time, even many centuries ago. We should not have the idea that it is used only to obtain material objects. It works just as well to get people. Just as we can get the things we want, through the law, we can also get the kinds of individuals we want in our lives.

Has anybody ever wondered why we generally befriend those who share our value systems and ideals, and try to stay away from those who don’t? The answer lies in the Law of Attraction. Happy individuals attract other contended, genuine people; whereas depressed, negatives individuals will attract greedy parasitic souls who will take advantage of them.

This law can be a god-send for the ones who really want to fulfill their lives by changing some aspects of it. But for the proper and timely results, we have to trust the law, and we also have to trust ourselves, and our instincts. Instead if we are skeptical about it and start finding loopholes everywhere, the law will not give us the desired results.

Apart from figuring out how exactly the law works, we have to figure out what we exactly want from it, and we have to be fervent and ardent about our wishes. Unless we want something strongly enough, we will not be able to achieve it. Every individual has a lot of potential, and also the power to change many undesired aspects of their lives.

Many individuals feel that the law of attraction can be misused. People could use it to make themselves richer, or more powerful, simply by mastering it. But this is easier said than done. The law does not work for everyone, or just because somebody wants something. The important thing here is the feeling or the sentiment behind the desire. Wishes out jealousy or sheer impulsiveness will not come true. Desires that make us glad or happy are the ones that have chances of coming true. Thus clarity behind wanting what we want is important here.

At first we have to ensure that we really have the need for the thing we want. We need to know very well that by having that particular thing, our lives will change for the better. Apart from all this, we also have to put away all sorts of inconsistent feelings that may crop up in our minds. These feelings will not help us in any way; instead they will have a dampening effect on our efforts. We have to recognize these thoughts and curtail them. The same rule holds for negative thoughts and feelings. These thoughts get in the way of the correct working of the law of attraction.

A very important aspect of the law of attraction is the faith that human beings must have in themselves. More than trusting and believing in the law, individuals should trust themselves, and their instincts. It is only when we have this trust that we will be able to absorb fully the benefits of the law of attraction. This is because; our thinking and our values control our actions. And our actions will finally decide whether the law will work properly or not. Negative actions will lead to unwanted results. Hence, for the law to execute correctly, we must think positively, and act positively.

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Law of Attraction – Shift Your Thinking (Motivational Video)

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? Speakers: Wayne Dyer, Mel Robbins, Joel Osteen, Les Brown

?Your ego is an avid interpreter. It is so quick to interpret events as bad or good, wrong or right. It never fails to see “the little picture.”

This is particularly so during a crisis, when so much judgment, fear, anxiety and panic blots your mind it is almost impossible to perceive your own best interests. Whenever I experience any trouble, I try The 180° Shift.

I look at what is troubling me, and I ask myself, “What if bad is good, wrong is right, and this trouble is a gift?”

The fact is: this could mean anything. Shifting my thoughts like this helps to suspend the ego’s fear mongering. It also helps me to be open and receptive to higher thoughts. Fear is not in things; fear is only in the meaning you give things.

Pain is not in things; pain is only in the meaning you give things. Change the meaning, and the fear and the pain are transformed. Sometimes the greatest fear and pain come from a sense of meaninglessness in life.

Meaning is a choice, not a search, remember? A sense of meaninglessness is really, therefore, a call to let in higher awareness and truth.
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