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Law of Attraction: How to Get Anything You Want ?

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Law of Attraction: How to Get Anything You Want ?

The law of attraction is about using the power of your thoughts to manifest your desires, realize your dreams & get anything you want! It’s not just about wishful thinking. All realities begin in the mind: your beliefs become thoughts, thoughts become words, words become actions, and actions become reality. As you take action towards your dream, the universe will conspire to help you achieve it.

Think back at all those serendipitous opportunities that have come into your life: people you’ve met, “right place right time” moments or chance encounters that have led to where you are today. Those moments are the universe working with you to bring your dreams into reality. Amazing, isn’t it?

CHALLENGE: Pick one dream you’d like to manifest, and comment below, writing as if you’ve just achieved that dream! I’m so excited to hear your answers! ?


0:25 What is the law of attraction?
1:25 How beliefs can become reality
4:19 1. Be aware of your beliefs
6:54 2. Practice gratitude
7:32 3. Use affirmations
8:56 4. Journal “as if” it’s real
9:53 5. Make a vision board
10:18 6. Change your behavior to act “as if”
12:08 7. Take action

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Filmed & Edited by Aileen Xu
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I’m Aileen, a lifestyle blogger sharing knowledge and inspiration on creating your dream life.

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7 Habits of Highly Effective People – Self Improvement by Stephen Covey

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Get this book:

The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People, written by Stephen Covey, is a great book on self development and personal improvement. In this video, you will get a complete understanding of all the habits, including examples for each step. Some people have a problem understanding what Synergy is, so we define it along with give a couple examples. Another great tip in this video is the explanations of all types of relationships and the 5 forms of listening. This video is a summary of the book The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People in animated book review format.

1) Be Proactive: Take responsibility and know you’re in charge
2) Start with the end in mind: Have an end goal
3) Put first things first: Do important and non-urgent things first
4) Think Win-Win: Find situations where everyone wins
5) Seek first to understand, then to be understood: Listen before you start talking
6) Synergize: 1 + 1 = 3
7)Sharpen the saw: Invest in yourself for the best ROI

My favorite habit is to be proactive. For example, you may have been born into a socioeconomic lower-or-middle-class family, you may have been born into an abusive family, you may have been diagnosed with a terrible illness, but focusing on it will not change it. You know what you can control? This is the secret to being proactive, and in turn, becoming an effective person. You can control your work ethic. You can control how you treat people in your life. You can control if you put your seatbelt on or not.

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Tony Robbins Personal Development || Change your life with Tony Robbins

Tony Robbins How To Take Control Of Your Life || Change your life with Tony Robbins- Tony robbins short video


►Personal development is a lifelong process. It’s a way for people to assess their skills and qualities, consider their aims in life and set goals in order to realise and maximise their potential.

►For more than 30 years Tony Robbins’ passion has been helping people BREAK THROUGH and take their lives to another level — no matter how successful they already are — in the areas that matter most: their business, personal finance, intimate relationships, families, careers and health.

Tony Robbins has helped more than 50 million people from more than 100 countries transform their lives and their businesses through his books, audio programs, health products, live events and personal coaching. He’s been fortunate enough to work with everyone from presidents of countries to some of the true legends of entertainment, sports and the business world. But his work is not limited to Fortune 500 CEOs and athletes. He has a special passion for small-business owners, parents and students.

Being the Chairman of seven privately held companies and five holding companies in diverse industries keeps him busy. Many of his companies have become brands that are leaders in their category – from the award winning Namale Resort & Spa in the Fiji Islands, to Twinlab and Metabolife in the sports nutrition field, to the Anthony Robbins brand in personal and professional improvement.

Most of Tony’s core strategies for creating breakthroughs have come from his work with some of the biggest names in the business world: He’s had the privilege of modeling and distilling the strategies of leaders in some of the fastest-growing companies in the world. He’s used these distinctions to help optimize and grow enterprises to new and more profitable levels.

One of the things Tony is most proud of is his humanitarian work through the non-profit Anthony Robbins Foundation. He’s always believed that if we’re blessed enough to have insight and economic opportunities, then we’re also blessed enough to be able to give back. To those who much has been given, much is expected. Tony Robbins is extremely blessed to be able to feed more than two million people in 56 countries every year through his International Basket Brigade.

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SEE MORE VIDEO Tony Robbins Personal Development HERE :

Why You Shouldn’t Get Addicted To Self-Help

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A lot of people like videos, books, and seminars on self-help. But one of the issues with those products is Pavlovian response. That’s one of the 25 cognitive biases – our brain is hardwired to look for dopamine rushes. If you’re not careful, those Pavlovian responses will make you an insight junkie when it comes to self help. You’ll start looking for more and more insight every day without stopping to implement it.

Don’t be afraid to read the same books over and over. It might not give you the same dopamine rush as a new book but it will reinforce the ideas and help you implement instinctual change in yourself.

Suzanne Eder talks about self improvement at a 2015 TEDX event in Wilmington, Delaware.

Suzanne Eder is a world-class teacher, facilitator and mentor. She founded Solid Ground Transformational Life Coaching in 2003 to help people wake up to their magnificence and create lives they truly love. Suzanne currently authors an award-winning monthly column in Living Well Magazine and has published a book, 10 Ways to Find Peace Rather Than Panic, which earned a full 5-star rating on Amazon. She is a graduate of the Barbara Brennan School of Healing, an intense 4-year program in mind-body-spirit health and healing. Suzanne also has degrees in both Accounting and Economics and graduated summa cum laude from the University of Delaware. Currently resides in Wilmington, Delaware.

This talk was given at a TEDx event using the TED conference format but independently organized by a local community. Learn more at

Law of Attraction – Money Isn’t Everything (Psychology of Life)

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Law of Attraction – Money Isn’t Everything (Psychology of Life)

☯ Live Today With Passion is an educational organization founded in 2015. We are a small international team based in Norway, we started this website with the intention of inspiring like-minded people all over the world.

? Speakers: Alan Watts, Bob Marley, Will Smith
? We all make the same mistakes when it comes to money, thinking the more we earn, the happier we’ll be.

If you really want to buy yourself a more fulfilling life, it’s not how much money you earn that matters, but how you spend it.
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Jim Rohn – Ways to Improve Your Life (Personal Development)

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Jim Rohn – Ways to Improve Your Life (Personal Development)

►About Jim Rohn : Emanuel James Jim Rohn (September 17, 1930 – December 5, 2009) was an American entrepreneur, author and motivational speaker. Jim Rohn’s rags to riches story played a large part in Jim Rohn’s work, which influenced others in the personal development industry.

Emanuel James Jim Rohn was born in Yakima, Washington, to Emanuel and Clara Rohn. Jim Rohn’s owned and worked a farm in Caldwell, Idaho, where Jim Rohn grew up as an only child.

Jim Rohn started Jim Rohn’s professional life by working as a stock clerk for department store Sears. Around this time, a friend invited Jim Rohn’s to a lecture given by entrepreneur John Earl Shoaff. In 1955, Jim Rohn joined Shoaff’s direct selling business AbundaVita as a distributor.

In 1957, Jim Rohn resigned Jim Rohn’s distributorship with AbundaVita and joined Nutri-Bio, another direct selling company. It was at this point that the company’s founders, including Shoaff, started to mentor Jim Rohn. After this mentorship, Jim Rohn built one of the largest organizations in the company. In 1960 when Nutri-Bio expanded into Canada, Shoaff and the other founders selected Jim Rohn as a vice president for the organization.
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7 Tips to Help Manage Depression, Anxiety, Insecurity & Low Self-Esteem

self help No Comments » Self help tools of thought focus to tackle negative emotions and and low self esteem. Develop new habits of thought & self-care. Learn how to overcome negative patterns, and influence your thoughts & life in positive ways with Neuro-Science, Psychology, Self Care and Love.

7 tips to overcome:
1. Don’t isolate! But seek help for yourself!
2. Pay attention to your thoughts
3. Learn to direct your thoughts
4. Care for your body
5. Develop a friendship with yourself
6. Pray & connect spiritually to Love
7. Get a good self-care program going someway

This has helped me. I hope it helps you in your journey.
All the best,

Self Help – Why you should take self-help very very seriously and how to use it to transform your life.

The Ultimate Life Purpose Course – Create Your Dream Career:

Leo’s Top 140 Self Help Books

Full Video Transcript Here:


Video Summary:
If you want to live a spectacular life, rather than just an “average” one, you need spectacular tools. The current circumstances of your life needn’t be all you get or deserve in this world. Learn how to access a vast resource of tools to put in your toolkit to improve your life, your career, or your relationships without going broke or crazy.

Self-help refers to a category of personal development education that puts the inspirational wisdom of experts at your fingertips. For starters, a wealth of self-help information is effortlessly available for little or nothing.

Self-help techniques can facilitate a lot of habits that are worth acquiring. The information may be easy to obtain, but proper execution takes more effort. Learn the tricks to turn inspirational material into practical techniques that become ingrained habits.

And how do you know what material to choose? How do you sort hype from help, when zeroing in your focus? Is it your fault if your results aren’t as represented?

Some people reject the techniques practiced by millions. Will you be the object of ridicule or envy when you turn over that new leaf?

Law of Attraction – How To Master Your Emotions (Psychology)

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Law of Attraction – How To Master Your Emotions (Psychology)

☯ Live Today With Passion is an educational organization founded in 2015 by Nicholas & Anthony. We are a small international team based in Norway, we started this website with the intention of inspiring like-minded people all over the world.

? Speakers: Jim Rohn, Tony Robbins, Will Smith
? Emotions are a vital part of our everyday lives. Whether you’re having a good laugh over a text message or feeling frustrated in rush hour traffic, you know that the highs and lows you experience can significantly affect your well-being.

Your ability to regulate those emotions, in turn, affects how you’re perceived by the people around you. If you’re laughing at that text during a serious meeting, you’re likely to get resentful looks from others in the room.

On the other hand, if you react with rage at a driver who cuts you off in traffic, you can engender unwanted attention, and perhaps even risk your life.
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The Heart Of Personal Development

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What is the heart of personal development? Have you started hearing about personal development, and it sounds interesting? Has it aroused your curiosity? Is personal development showing you more possibilities?

The heart of personal development is growth. There is a fundamental law in the universe that says either something is growing or if it is not, then it is dying. For many education ends when school finishes, either on the day at school or when they say you have either passed or failed. Then we go forward feeling really good, ok or like a big failure!

Where for so many people, and for so long, this used to be the norm, personal development is changing that. Education does not need to end when formal schooling ends. You don’t have to be doomed either with the corporate ladder or a laboring job.

Personal development is not about knowledge, though some people in personal development keep it as such. Personal development is about giving you the skills you need to meet a specific objective.

The first step on the journey through personal development begins with goal setting. Setting goals is so crucial as it helps you get clear on what you exactly want in life. This is important, as without knowing what you want, no personal development course can help you. You must know what you want, and utilize deeper understanding and more advanced courses of personal development to achieve what you want.

The journey of personal development is a long one with no end. As all people are different, yet the same – no personal development course can make a one size fits all type of course. Your journey is your journey, and though you may need to goal set at this time, another may need to tackle limiting beliefs. Likewise if you need to break limiting beliefs first, another may need to start on goal setting.

This makes goal setting an ever more important reason to learn how to set goals first. Without knowing how to set goals, then you can’t know what you need to get there. Without a goal setting strategy, and personal development, you may not be able to find that limiting belief, and ultimately pluck it out. Personal development courses, books, and seminars can help with all of this.

More wealth, more health, more success and happiness are some of the benefits of taking the personal development path. You can grow to become a better human being or at least the person you always wanted to be.

For some the courses, the books and seminars are not enough to meet there needs. Life coaches are people who help on a more personal level to find the answers you seek. Whereas a course or personal development book may not answer all your questions, the life coach in most cases can.

Whatever your needs, a life coach, a product, a personal development book or seminar exists that can truly change your life. When you can know what you want, and how to find that information, and carefully, and persistently apply it, you will achieve.

There exists a better world. A world that has the better version of you. The bridge to get there is personal development through personal growth. Personal development is getting bigger, and it benefits you with more products and coaches that may just help you cut the time to get there.

Learn once and for all how to set goals.
Want to learn how to become a life coach?
Visit my site for more free personal development resources

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Self-Help And Development Via Online Marketing

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Working so hard and so tired from it yet nothing has improved with your life? Are you wishing and dreaming of having a great income in easy, fast and relax way? Then worry no more because the answer is almost in your hand with the help of Self-help and Self-Improvement Internet Marketing you can really experience the real success. You can do it by your own through Self-help and Self-Improvement Internet Marketing without making any website of your own nor making products of your own but getting much out from it. Self-help and Self-Improvement Internet Marketing is more economical way of marketing the things you are looking for such as goods and services.

If you want to rest from having too much work but having less benefits or if you are tired of from starving for so many things and being tired of experiencing famine in life, then you can kick all those mess in life and enter to the world of successful individual and be part of Self-help and Self-Improvement Internet Marketing because this is more than a business that will assure you of having great life. Self-help and Self-Improvement Internet Marketing will give you the things you are looking and dreaming for and this is definitely the answer to your dreams and problems.

Too many potential souls today who are exerting too much efforts and working so hard just to experience improvement and development of their lives but no matter how hard they strike for their improvements, but they are still having difficulties and problems and they usually end up shouting for help and we can not escape this sad reality but the Self-help and Self-Improvement Internet Marketing you can really witness a miracle of getting you out from your problems, getting out from famine and it will gives you more and more money on your pocket for your future. Self-help and Self-Improvement Internet Marketing is really a gift for all because this online business is very relax and easy, it is very profitable business that will never requires you too much effort and time not even money to start running the business. Definitely, the Self-help and Self-Improvement Internet Marketing will give you the things you are dreaming for.

If you are wishing to give a very good and stable future for your kids or for your family and even for yourself and love ones via online, then you can start it now with self-help and self improvement internet marketing where you can just relax while accumulating more money for your future. There are millions of people today who are making money with the comfort of their own homes via internet marketing. All you have to do is to have your own personal computer and get an access to internet then it will surely make you the top grosser of the year, this is possible with self-help and self-improvement internet marketing.

Self-help and self-improvement is one of the most reliable online businesses today where the assurance with insurance is very high. This is the business of all business, the self-help and self-improvement internet marketing is a dream come true to everyone with a great ambition in life, this wont let your life to be as stagnant as water because it keeps you going forward where success is waiting. Business combine with magic in earning and making more and more money is what a Self-help and Self-improvement internet marketing described because it will give you even five figures of money in just a month. Very fantastic and amazing but it is very possible and attainable.

Learn more about Self-help and Self-Improvement Internet Marketing . Stop by Ken Boucher’s site where you can find out all about Self help Improvement Secrets and what it can do for you. This article is available as a unique content article with free reprint rights.

The Law of Attraction Simplified: 7 Tested and Proven Steps for Manifesting Abundance

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The Law of Attraction Simplified: 7 Tested and Proven Steps for Manifesting Abundance

The Law of Attraction Simplified: 7 Tested and Proven Steps for Manifesting Abundance

Before you dive into this guide, please note that this 7-step process I am about to share with you is a simplified version of the exact process I have personally used to overcome a lifetime of struggle and go on to live some of my wildest dreams. This is not a process based on “theory” or something I read in a book. This is a process that I have personally tested and found to be effective in my own life. I’ve used this process to overcome financial limitations, to travel the world, to meet